Our Why

We believe that your brand should be empowered to be all it can be.

We believe that the marketing message for your brand should reflect its true purpose.

We believe that your business can grow exponentially by increasing the brand value in the minds of your audience using the right words and right technology.

We believe that your brand promise should WOW your clients at every interaction.

We believe that you, your brand and your organisation should be celebrated!

“Your WHY is wrapped up in your PURPOSE. Everyday I help business owners connect with their purpose.”

Damien Schulze
Brand Energy Strategist
Clear Group Australia Pty Ltd

Our What

Clear Group works with its clients from the basis that business is fundamentally human.

We like how Thomas Petzinger of the Wall Street Journal puts it:

That engineering remains second-rate without aesthetics. That natural, human conversation is the true language of commerce. That corporations work best when the people on the inside have the fullest contact possible with the people on the outside”.

We believe that conversation forms the basis of business. The businesses that we work with are rediscovering their voice. For many businesses, their voice has been lost amongst the noise of the internet. They have been struggling to join the social conversation.

By understanding their purpose and vision and connecting the two to the audience, our clients are getting out in front of their competitors who remain too scared to participate with a customer-centric focus. These competitors are heavily influenced by their supply side thinking.

Clear Group unpacks the clients offering to clearly articulate the client’s corporate vision, offering, purpose and audience. This vision is only enhanced and refined with an ability to digitise the real world offering – rich digital imagery is a step in that direction.

Our Method

Clear Group provide a bespoke brand management service to our select clients. We help provide clarity to the c-suite and their senior management on connecting the purpose of their organisation to their audience, this is done with the express intention of delivering exciting and aspirational experiences to their customers at every touch point. From the work we do, we instil high brand equity in the minds of their customers, increasing acquisition and retention.

Clear Group have a staged methodology based on extensive research and understanding of customer/brand relationship.

We take the following 3 step Clear Group Deep Dive Program with our clients to uncover the brand purpose and enable the best possible insight and actions required:

  1. Brand Strategy Sessions followed by a Recommendation Report
  2. Implementation Strategy Sessions including Action Plan
  3. Vision Development and Staff Engagement Session

Clear Group then embarks on a set of deliverables to ensure brand alignment at every real world and online touch point.

The services that we undertake will depend on the action items set out from the Implementation Strategy Sessions.

  • Brand Identity Strategy
  • Website Strategy
  • Campaign Calendar Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Digital Content Development
  • Campaign Management
  • Build Influencer and Advocate Relationships

At Clear Group, we walk with you through these steps because want to ensure that the aspirations of your brand are fulfilled.

Clear Group are focused on creating the most engaging customer facing actions of a brand to build exciting and long lasting customer relationships.


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We understand that it just makes sense to keep things ‘clear’.

Adopt a clear approach today.

Our How

Our How sees us taking a deep dive into your commercial reality with the sole intention of providing you with a 360 degree view of your face to face, social and digital engagement with your customers.

Our ability to dive deep into your business [into your reality] is based on our willingness and preparedness to see beyond the murky darkness.   We identify key commercial elements of your offering that provide clear vision around how your brand is understood and accepted by your customers.

Our deep dive sees us taking a customer focused approach with a difference.

  1. We first look at your commercial offering in the way your customers see it.
  2. We identify your value proposition and mission statement.
  3. We question how you sell your message to your customers and prospects.

These three elements are then used in our Clear Hygiene review of your brand.

Clear Hygiene provides an analysis of how you create brand entanglement.  It is a key step in our assessment of the purpose and value of your organisation. This analysis includes an assessment of customer engagement across your key customer touch points, at both a virtual level and in real life.

“I help you understand your offering with greater clarity, and celebrate its points of difference through multiple channels”

Matt Baker
Clear Thinking Strategist
Clear Group Australia Pty Ltd

Our Services

We provide an end to end business strategy service to build the value and awareness of your brand

Brand Strategy

We uncover the true purpose and promise of your brand, define the audiences that your brand connects with and get busy helping your audience fall in love with your brand.

Brand Management

We work closely with you and your executive team to gain a deep understanding of the value of your brand and the customer groups you are wanting to connect with

Marketing Strategy

Through understanding your brand value and service offering we will work with you to create engaging moments to celebrate your points of difference with better clarity

Content Strategy

We will develop an exciting content strategy around the value of your brand to simply and clearly articulate those things that make your brand what it is

Engagement Strategy

We map the journey that your clients have with you and ensure that their relationship with your brand is exciting and enduring.

Aspirational Experiences

We will create a consistent feel and understanding of your brand offering at each and every client touchpoint – both real and virtual


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