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Progressive or controversial? Victorian Opposition Leader, Matthew Guy’s Uber ride

“Is it legal?” A question asked by many to an entrepreneur introducing a disruptive technology. And the answer: “Not yet”. Today, disruption is not just shaking up old ways of thinking. It is disrupting our laws and regulations.  And the ‘old ways of thinking’ call on the law to justify those old ways.  The taxi industry is no different. But just like marketers had to learn that they no longer own their audience, the taxi industry must understand that the customer too owns their service.  And that customer has been calling out for an ‘uberlicious experience’. And along came Uber to fill the void.

People today are voting with their smartphones and the laws will have to adapt.  It is just a matter of time. On Monday, 27 April 2015, industry and community representatives met with the Victorian Transport Minister Jacinta Allan as part of the inaugural Taxi and Hire Car Industry Ministerial Forum.  With all due respect to the Forums objectives and outcomes, customers will continue to vote for a better customer experience which will see services like Uber remain in play.