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Double your sales by optimising your mobile experience

The data is in and it shows that by simply optimising the mobile experience, a company can double its sales on that platform. Put aspirational and meaningful experiences around your brand when engaging your customers and sales can grow exponentially. One of our clients recently doubled their enquiries and quadrupled their conversion rate – this saw an eight-times increase in their sales.

A recent independent study by Criteo, a digital performance advertising company, confirms the above as they have recently completed their Q2 2015 report on the State of Mobile Commerce*.

The report highlights the following trends:

  • Growth in mCommerce is unstoppable. By year end, mobile share of eCommerce transactions is forecast to reach 33% in the U.S and 40% globally
  • Smartphones will continue to displace slower-growing tablets due to larger available screens. The desktop marketing is shrinking.
  • Apps are the next frontier. Advertisers will start to significantly invest in their mobile app as a way to drive more conversions than desktop and engage with their loyal customers.
  • Dealing with cross-device behavior is the biggest challenge and opportunity for marketers in 2015. With 40% of sales already cross-device, marketers have to talk to users and no longer to devices.

If we drill down on a few of these trends, we find that it is imperative for business to give high regard to their mobile experience.

Criteo mobile facts

  • The more optimized the site, the higher the conversion rate. Non-optimised sites have conversion rates of 1.6% whereas optimised sites have conversion rates of 3.4%
  • For optimised sites, the number of products viewed, add-to-basket rate and purchase rate are higher than non-optimised sites. Differences in purchase rates are reflective of the experience of browsing products and the associated comfort of adding them to the basket.
  • Optimised sites see a larger share of mobile transactions than non-optimised sites. The difference is significant: non-optimised sites have 22% of their eCommerce transactions via mobile verus 31% for optimized sites. This represents a potential 41% opportunity for sites that are not optimised today.

Criteo app facts

  • Retailers who have prioritised their mobile app as a key revenue driver see significant share of transactions via their app.
  • For those retailers that have prioritised, apps generate 47% of all mobile revenue.
  • The higher conversion rate on apps partly relates to a better user experience on the app when compared to the desktop and browser. It also reflects the fact that apps are used by more loyal customers, leading to higher conversion rates.
  • In retail, consumers using the app convert at a rate three times higher than those using a mobile browser.
  • Shoppers view more than three times the number of products on apps than on mobile browsers because of a more engaging user experience. As a result of seeing these products, many more are added to the basket. This results in apps having three times the conversion rate of mobile browsers.

Experience Matters

Imagine if your digital footprint provided your potential customer with a great user experience. Then imagine if that user experience was optimised on the mobile platform – consider the impact that would have on your bottom line.

What would an extra conversion rate of 3.4% do to your bottom line? What if you had an app that provided your business with three times the conversion rate of your mobile browser?

Numbers tell a powerful story and provide the justification that you need to ensure that both your customer experience and mobile presence are fully optimised.

*Trends and forecasts come from Criteo’s Q2 2015 State of Mobile Commerce Report, based on its unique pool on online shopping data covering 1.4 billion transactions totaling over $160 billion of annual sales.