Monthly Archives: September 2015

Another free kick for Uber

Melbourne, faced with a pre-planned tram strike by Yarra Trams sees its taxis go out on strike in protest against the rising Uber juggernaut.

Interestingly, instead of striving to provide their customers with a better experience, they further frustrate their customer by striking.

Taxi industry. Its time you woke up and came to your senses. The public are voting with their apps for a better experience. If your industry does not embrace the ‘experience economy’ with all that it can muster, then services like Uber will send you into oblivion.

Customers, not the law, makes an industry great. Looking to the parliament for legislative change will not stop the paying public demanding a better experience when travelling in a cab. And if that paying public cannot seek out that better experience, then be prepared to be disrupted.

Taxis, after today’s protest will be the last choice of many!

Image: Courtesy of Katie Hodge via Twitter