User Experience Disrupts Apps-solutely

A brand knowing where their customer is living today is critical if they want to influence the customer buy cycle, and today the customer is choosing apps.  75 billion apps have been downloaded. There are 10 apps for every adult in the world.

Apple is now working on ways to ensure that more people choose apps. Apple thinks that the consumer will go to the provider that is supplying the best and most seamless experience.  Apple knows that the experience of the web can be disjointed and directionless.  So the tech giant with the release of iOS 9 is offering customers a better experience when surfing on their devices by taking the step to allow ad blocking on the Safari mobile browser.

Blocking ads is not new.  But this step recognizes that there are a large proportion of people using Safari when searching on their smart devices.  Blocking ads here will force publishers and creators of content to re-think how ads will power their business plans.  And this is where it gets interesting. As Apple has not said that its News App will block ads.  This may force the hand of publishers and content creators to play in what some are describing as “Apple’s Walled Garden”.

Apple is backing that its ability to provide users with an awesome experience will be the game changer – time will tell.

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