Business in 2015 and onwards

In a world that sees more than 60% of the workforce disengaged, building employee engagement is a fundamental key to organizational success.  2015 is the year to recognize that even if you get the fundamentals of your business right in terms of rewards and wages, there are many other engagement factors required to create a productive and successful organisation.

In an age that sees competition between business rife, the need to maintain a competitive edge is critical. Business leaders must encourage staff to nurture customer relationships in an effort to build customer centricity and brand love to ensure customers remain loyal and devoted.  Customer action loyalty and devotion begins with employers educating staff on the brand promise and having that promise shared into the customer base at every customer touch point, including social.

Research undertaken by LinkedIn and Altimeter Group across companies like Google, VISA, Facebook and has found that employee engagement is heightened when working at those companies that are socially engaged.

Why does social bring about greater employee engagement?

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