Is your data strategy making you dumb? Beware dumb data!

Companies are treating their data capture as yet another business silo.  Grab a customer and put them in the database and send an occasional email to keep them loyal to the brand. It is so yesterday!

This siloed approach to data collection sees the collection of some basic information about the customer.  Customer name, email address and mobile number are some of the elements captured.  Data is now much more complicated.  Social data is not structured in a homogenised fashion.  It is comprised of lots of text and imagery with different intent, meanings and formats.

Due to its complexities, businesses are ignoring social data.  Instead, they rely on ‘dumb data’ which does little to maintain customer loyalty and engagement.  This approach sees business missing the social conversation.  Business need to change their approach to data capture to engage with the customer’s sentiment and real time needs.

Simply pushing email campaigns and status updates about the business to a disengaged database is not going to inspire the engagement experience you need today.

So how do you extract meaningful customer data today?

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