Our How

Our How sees us taking a deep dive into your commercial reality with the sole intention of providing you with a 360 degree view of your face to face, social and digital engagement with your customers.

Our ability to dive deep into your business [into your reality] is based on our willingness and preparedness to see beyond the murky darkness.   We identify key commercial elements of your offering that provide clear vision around how your brand is understood and accepted by your customers.

Our deep dive sees us taking a customer focused approach with a difference.

  1. We first look at your commercial offering in the way your customers see it.
  2. We identify your value proposition and mission statement.
  3. We question how you sell your message to your customers and prospects.

These three elements are then used in our Clear Hygiene review of your brand.

Clear Hygiene provides an analysis of how you create brand entanglement.  It is a key step in our assessment of the purpose and value of your organisation. This analysis includes an assessment of customer engagement across your key customer touch points, at both a virtual level and in real life.

“I help you understand your offering with greater clarity, and celebrate its points of difference through multiple channels”

Matt Baker
Clear Thinking Strategist
Clear Group Australia Pty Ltd