Milo has changed its recipe in New Zealand on health and sustainability grounds.

There has been an almighty backlash against the move with New Zealanders demanding that parent company, Nestlé change the recipe back immediately.  This outpouring of damnation against the recipe change again demonstrates that the world’s most cherished brands are not owned by the brand but by their customers.  Brands today need to see themselves as ‘brand custodians’.  A brand custodian looks after the experience that its consumers have with their brand and they respect the long held relationships that have endured for a lifetime.

It took Coke 79 days to put an end to its 1985 launch of ‘New Coke’.  How long will it be before New Zealanders are again sipping on the original and much loved Milo recipe?

As one customer has said, “We don’t pay them to be our nutritionist. Just change it back!” 

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