Why traditional taxis must be ‘uberlicious’ when it comes to customer engagement

If you are a disruptive technology like Uber, then the law and all of its regulatory intent are simply in place to prevent the roll out of your disruptive tech.  Who cares for medical examines, vision tests, criminal history reviews and whether you can stay awake standing upright?  As long as you have a current driver’s licence; proof of identification; insurance; can successfully complete a 45 minute induction and have a car full of sugary sweets and bottled water, then you can be an Uber driver.

The traditional taxi industry can learn a great deal from this Uber juggernaut.  Customers forever have been screaming out for better experiences and they are now voting for those experiences with their Uber app.  The traditional taxi driver still has a chance to fight back. Customers should be able to have both and the traditional taxi service with all of its regulatory protections can provide both if it improves the customer experience.

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