Your brand: a permanent anchor or a fading mark?

Our fast moving world is full of chaos and unpredictability.  Traditional anchors that used to cement our identities no longer provide an interpretation of ourselves.  In this age of rapid change, a brand can take great insights from the rise of the tattoo.

Anne Velliquette, a professor at the University of Arkansas studies the relationship between consumer behaviour and popular culture. In her research, Velliquette found that people need proof that their identities existed at all.  She found that people use their tattoos to establish a sense of stability and permanence in their lives.

According to sociologists, tattoos provide a narrative of a person’s personal myth – they tell a story that people can measure themselves against.   If a brand can reach out to its audience to provide a consistent experience that promotes stability and permanence in the lives of those it touches, then just like a tattoo, it will provide people with an anchor that they have been searching for.   And like the tattoo, your brand will not just be an expression of personal identity; it will help create it.

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